Script Annunci, crea il tuo sito di annunci

Why open an ad site ?

Many people want to create and manage an ad portal independently. A part of them does it for profit, seeing the opportunity for lavish earnings. Many instead do it only for hobbies, for the pleasure of doing it, because they find in it a social utility and therefore in it a gratification, in addition to a healthy and pure fun. In my career as a programmer I came across people of all kinds and with very different purposes.

What are the types of ad sites ?

Today, talking about ads means talking about a truly vast world. To give just a few examples, we go from the classic portal for the exchange of goods or services, to the portal dedicated to the real estate world, to the world of cars or motorcycles, to all that can be described as “adult world”. In between there are a whole series of really extensive variants.

Can you earn money with an ad site ?

The answer is yes. I happened to see really ugly sites gaining dizzying figures, especially those at the limit of legality, those that treat the “adult” world. For the adult world (the one that is more profitable today) they also ask € 20 – € 25 for an announcement, but even more … multiplied by one a day … It must be said in all honesty that opening an ad site does not mean just putting a special content management software online! The bulk of the commitment must be seen in terms of advertising, and therefore in investment of time and money. Opening an ad site is relatively simple. It is not easy at all to make the site a successful site. The causes are multiple:
  1. there are already an infinite number of ad sites, many similar to each other. competition is therefore ruthless
  2. the majority of users prefer to use the most famous ad sites, snubbing others
  3. to carry out a project (of this type but also of another type) it requires constancy and determination, rare qualities
  4. being an often makeshift activity, done in the clippings of time and for hobbies, there is not enough effort
  5. the SEO culture is missing from those who manage them on which google are not properly indexed
  6. initially the sites are ad-free. pretending that someone decides to place an ad on our completely empty site is a utopia. It is therefore necessary to populate them in an artificial way first

Ok I want to try it! How can I start ?

Speaking of software, there is not much choice on the web. There are a couple of Italian products … you can do a google search and get an idea. I advise you to take a look at my softwarescript-annunci 4.0
Script Annunci, the software to create and manage your ad site
Script-Annunci is the professional platform for creating free or paid ad sites
It is fully developed in PHP and programmed from scratch, without the use of standard frameworks or cms, so it is very fast because it is programmed to do only and only for which it was designed. script-annunci is a software designed for general use. Here are some screens of the product.
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Let’s see how it works together. In this video (related to the older version 3.0) is explained the flow of life of the ad, from user registration, to insertion, to publication or refusal by the administrator.   The control panel allows you to customize a whole series of settings

General configuration

Some settings of a purely aesthetic type:
  • the logo
  • the background color
  • the favicon
General Configuration
General Configuration
other parameters including:
  • the maximum number of ads per page
  • the maximum number of images that can be uploaded per ad
  • ad validity: the number of days an ad once posted remains visible on the site before “expiring”
  • the administrator’s mail sending settings

The categories

create categories at a level and for each of them establish a possible cost for publication

The provinces

the Italian provinces grow like mushrooms. it is possible to create new ones and associate them with the region they belong to

The texts of automatic e-mails

all texts of e-mails that start automatically from the site and are directed to the advertiser p to the administrator can be customized from the control panel. These are:
  • Confirm user registration and account activation
  • Notice new announcement entered
  • Announcement Published
  • Rejected ad
  • Change Password
  • Password recovery
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Google reCAPTCHA

You can set a google recaptcha to send contact massages from the published ad page to the advertiser

Publication rates by category

For each category you can decide whether to leave it free or set a cost for the insertion of each ad

Shop window

It is possible to activate the showcase option (global option that applies to all categories), setting a daily cost. Basically it works like this: during the insertion of the ad the advertiser can decide to increase the visibility of the same by activating the “shop window” option. This option makes all the advertisements shown in the window appear in rotation in the column on the right of the site, displaying 3 at a time among all those registered in the window. The window has a daily cost, and the user can choose how many days to buy, from a minimum to a maximum (both configurable as an administrator), and in any case within the number of days remaining validity announcement (default 30 days). Basically, a sophisticated algorithm rotates the ads evenly but partitions them by category and province. Rotate means each time the page is loaded (or opened by a different visitor), different ads appear.

Rotation algorithm

I try to explain the rotation algorithm with practical examples: Example case 1: if the search is done throughout Italy and all regions / provinces then all the ads for which the window is activated, rotate in the same way, regardless of the category or province to which they refer. Example case 2: if the search is done all over Italy but on a specific category, then the announcements of all the provinces but included in the specific category rotate. Case 3 example: if the search is done on a specific province or region and on all the categories, then the announcements of all the categories rotate, but only of the selected province or region. Case 4 example: finally the most stringent case. if the research is done on a specific province or region and on a specific category, then the ads of that province or region and that specific category rotate.  

Management of graphic Banners

The same rotation algorithm described above is applied to the management of graphic banners. What are graphic banners? they are one of the possible forms of revenue: of advertising that you can place in the ad list in the form of banners. Typically they are from local businesses with whom you have made arrangements. It is possible to load banners with a format of 700×90 pixels that will appear in the list of ads each and every announcement (for example every 5 ads, but this can be configured). For each banner it is established:  
  • the start and end date of publication (when the date expires the banner will automatically disappear)
  • the category of membership (for the rotation algorithm)
  • the province of belonging (for the rotation algorithm)
  • a possible hypertext link to the site of the owner of the sponsored activity
the algorithm will rotate the graphic banners according to the rotation algorithm. In the absence of a minimum of graphic banners will appear the words “put your banner here” with a popup for the contact instructions.
Graphic banners in the middle of the ads
Graphic banners in the middle of the ads

Banners Adsense

Another form of gain is represented by Adsense. There are 3 spaces to insert Google Adsense scripts one space on top, under the search engine: Script Annunci spazio Adsense sotto il motore di ricerca uno spazio in basso sotto l’elenco degli annunci e sopra il footer: Script Annunci, Adsense space ads under the list of ads

one on the ad display page, to the right of the photo gallery:

Script Annunci: Adsense space on the ad page

Payments with Paypal

The gateway for receiving payments from advertisers is Paypal. It is used for services:
  • ad placement in paid category
  • put in the “shop window”
  • bring ad on top

Ultimately who is Script Ads aimed at ?

  1. To all those who want to develop their ad site but do not know where to start. Script Ads offers an excellent starting point.
  2. To all those who want to develop their own ad site but do not like CMS based solutions (Joomla, WordPress, etc)
  3. To those who want to earn on adverts and advertising space.
  4. Who wants to learn PHP. By purchasing the source code version it will be possible to learn the techniques used.

Features of version 4.0

Version 4.0 has improved significantly and has added new and extraordinary features to this script. These are the features of the 4.0 version:
  1. Written in PHP
  2. uses MySQL database for storing ads, images are saved to file
  3. customizable categories
  4. customizable provinces
  5. search engine by keyword in one or all categories, in a specific province, region or the whole country
  6. registration of users with sending email activation
  7. automatic sending of an alert to the administrator when an announcement is being checked
  8. control panel for site management
  9. possibility to accept or reject an announcement
  10. sending notification email to advertiser of publication or explanation of the reason for non-publication
  11. the reasons for refusal and the related explanations are customizable
  12. panel to be able to see / filter approved ads and edit or delete them
  13. advertising period configurable (30 days, 60 days, etc) at the end of the ads are no longer visible
  14. up to 6 photos that can be uploaded per ad
  15. Paid categories with customizable price
  16. ads in the showcase with customizable daily cost and customizable number of days
  17. Brings up paid ad
  18. Payments management with PayPal gateway (payments accepted by PayPal account and credit cards)
  19. side window always visible even with vertical scroll
  20. PDF flyer print with detachable cards
  21. geolocation ad address with map and possibility to drag pointer if address does not match the position provided by google maps
  22. possibility of inserting the Adsense Code in 3 positions
  23. Insertion of “Customers” Banners with the possibility of displaying one each of the TOT announcements, in rotation
  24. Improved ad display
  25. Improved management of inserted / rejected / expired ads
  26. SEO optimization: url optimized with the url-rewriting technique
  27. SEO optimization: title tags and description automatically determined
  28. SEO optimization: image set for sharing on Facebook
  29. SEO optimization: creation of updated Sitemap with present ads and categories
  30. configuration of emails also with SMTP authentication on another mail server
  31. configurable favicon (only on Linux hosting)
  32. SOCIAL NETWORK: Facebook links, Twitter settable
  33. RSS feeds: RSS feeds Automatic RSS feeds to be able to publish your ads with RSS (RSS Reader, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Online Demo

it is possible to see and try the software both on the visitor’s side (by registering and inserting an advertisement), and on the administrator’s side (approving or not approving the ads) on the official website


Over the years I have realized many graphic and functional customizations to adapt the script to the various needs. I mention only as an example this site that is dedicated to the world of Kite Surf: Annunci kite-or-die