I was trying to install the ODBC driver for Filemaker on Windows 10.

The problem is that once the installer is launched, it opens a windows window for a fraction of a second and then closes without giving any message, nor without leaving any event in the event viewer.

I tried everything, but even in specialized forums I couldn’t find working solutions. I lost a couple of hours, even with the help of a Filemaker expert ….. but nothing.

At the end and idea…I tried it and it worked!

But let’s start from the beginning.

  1. Download the installation file for Windows from the official page choose the version you need
Pagina di download dei driver xDBC per Filemaker
Pagina di download dei driver xDBC per Filemaker

2. Rename the file changing the extension from .exe to .zip

from this

Installer di Filemaker xDBC driver
Installer di Filemaker xDBC driver

to this:

Installer di Filemaker xDBC driver rinominato in .zip
Installer di Filemaker xDBC driver

3. Open the file with a zip file manager. Inside you will find a folder

Contenuto dell'installer dei driver xDBC di Filemaker

4. Inside the folder are two more folders, one for JDBC drivers and one for ODBC drivers.

Each of the two folders contains the files you need to launch

5. In my case I opened the folder ODBC Client Driver Installer

I launched the Win64 executable and finally the installer started!

I share this trick hoping it will be useful to you.

If you found it useful, share the article and leave a comment!

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